lundi 4 mai 2009

Aquapax@the IOD annual convention (London)

Aquapax was the water of the IOD annual convention where delegates at this year were welcomed with a wave of positivity from an impressive line-up of business minds. They spent the day sharing valuable insights and advice to ensure that everyone walked away with the inspiration and knowledge required to guide their business through the recession.

Alistair Darling took poll position, addressing over 2,500 Directors just a week after the Budget. He was followed by a host of top business names, entrepreneurs and political figures, including Michael Dell, Sir Stuart Rose, Reid Hoffman, Sebastian Coe and Boris Johnson.

The Dynamic Leaders panel debate also stirred up some interesting discussion as our experts spoke openly about the issues their own businesses have faced and were currently facing and what actions they have taken.

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Photo with Aquapax are coming.

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