lundi 19 octobre 2009

Aquapax@FIAC 2009

DRINKYZ, an innovative beverages design and its new branch
Alternative Food & Beverage company, are proud to announce its
collaboration to the 36th FIAC Edition.

FIAC has chosen Alternative to supply AQUAPAX mineral water
carton bottles throughout the fair.

AQUAPAX is the first mineral water on the French market to be
packaged in carton material, coming from wood, a renewable and
continuously growing resource.

The packaging designed by TETRA PAK is geared towards the
protection of the content’s natural quality from the deterioration caused by air, light and smells.

As a creative and forerunner new brand involved in sustainable
development AQUAPAX brings an unexpected shift to the water market.

This partnership also further strengthens AQUAPAX mineral water’s
essential ties in the vanguard of the arts and culture worlds.

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